Top Ten Diet Myths Busted, Are you on a diet?, Then you must read this to know

Top 10 Diet Myths Busted, Are you on a diet?, Then you must read this to know…

There have been countless books and articles about diet mantras and methods; Many of us will be reading them. However, the information we read is mostly myths and half-truths. In fact, all this information will affect your body composition.

All such diet myths are either based on common sense or false research reports. Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions we should know about, from a hearty breakfast to a diet.

Milk helps in weight loss

Calcium in our body helps us break down fats effectively. This is based on the myth of weight loss. However, eating milk or milk products has no correlation with one’s calorie count. When using these types of products, use those low in fat. That is the best advice given in this regard. When calories and saturated fats are low, your body is prevented from storing unnecessary calories.

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A hearty breakfast… moderate dinner…

Eat like a king in the morning; We have heard it said to eat like a pauper at night. This proverb is based on the fact that during the day we need more energy because we have to work and at night we need less energy because we sleep. But it cannot be related to weight loss. Cortisol levels in our bodies are high in the morning. As time goes by it will start to decrease little by little. It has been linked to elevated cortisol levels and insulin resistance. Accordingly, the glucose in the blood turns into fat very quickly.

Coffee can help you lose weight

You may feel that drinking coffee curbs your appetite. But if you drink up to 6-7 cups of coffee every day, it will do little good on your diet plan. Instead, it can cause some side effects like insomnia, anxiety, and high blood pressure. So remember this information when you are in the office and want your next cup of coffee. Sip on healthy juices and healthy drinks instead of coffee.

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Rice and weight gain.

This is a common myth that we follow every day. How many of you avoid eating rice at night to lose weight? Trust us; This is one of the longest lists of diet myths. Eating rice at night or during the day has nothing to do with body weight. That’s because weight gain or loss depends on the number of calories and fats you consume throughout the day.


Pasta increases body weight

Pasta is not a cause of weight gain when consumed in moderation. But what matters most is what other ingredients you add to the pasta you eat. Sometimes when we cook our favorite pasta, we leave it with cheese or butter and then blame the weight gain on the pasta. In fact, nutrient-dense pasta can be an important part of your weight management plan.

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Avoid eating after 8 pm

No matter what time we eat, our body digests food the same way; Likewise, the use of calories will be the same. No matter what you eat during the day, your body will store some extra calories from fat. So what matters is what we eat and not when we eat it.

Severely cutting calories to lose weight

Starvation is not necessary to maintain a stable weight. Instead, eat foods that contain moderate amounts of calories. Sudden weight loss can lead to many other health problems.


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Weight loss and exercise…

Many people believe that lying down at the gym will help them lose weight. But just 20 minutes of running and 15 minutes of exercise is enough to stay in shape. Aerobics and cardio exercises can be done along with exercise. Along with this, you should only consume within the prescribed amount of calories.

Instant Diet

Temporary diet plans can help you lose weight only temporarily. Such schemes do not provide a permanent solution.

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Eating more frequent meals lowers the metabolism

Eating smaller meals more frequently is a popular method that many people follow. This is another myth that has been believed by many for a long time. Many of us are caught in the trap of this system. Instead of eating large amounts of unhealthy foods all at once, you eat 6 smaller meals. It is said to fuel your body when eaten in small amounts over a number of times. But it has not been scientifically proven to be effective. Your body knows what works best for it. So listen up.


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