Do Japanese people know the secret to not having a belly?

The Japanese people are the most pitiful people in the world. And these are the people who live long and healthily! They are always active. This is because of their diet and lifestyle.

Apart from that, they mostly eat home-cooked food. But in India now we focus more on fast and junk food and forget our traditional food. Due to this many people in our country are suffering from various diseases.

Well, now you can see the secret of Japanese people’s fitness and long healthy life.

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Fish, soy, rice, vegetables, and fruits

Japanese people mostly cook and eat their meals at home. Their traditional dishes are grilled fish, a generous portion of rice, steamed vegetables, a bowl of miso soup, and green tea. And Japanese people rarely eat in hotels.

Cook on medium flame

When Japanese people cook, they cook food on medium heat. This ensures that the amount of nutrients in the food items remains unchanged. And they also use olive oil, which is a healthy cooking oil, in cooking.

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Food size and serving style

If you go to Japanese hotels, they serve food in small bowls and you can fill your stomach with that amount of food. For this, they decorate the food and do it. And the Japanese eat food slowly. This helps the digestive tract to function smoothly and healthily and stay fit.


Breakfast is a must

Breakfast is essential in Japan. A variety of dishes are served in the morning only. Miso soup is mainly eaten in the morning because it is high in probiotics that boost the immune system.

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No diet

Japanese women don’t go on diets. They buy and eat all kinds of food without fear. At the same time, they can walk anywhere. This is also the reason for their fit body.

They don’t eat bread

Apart from rice, there is nothing else like bread in Japanese food. Since bread is made from refined flour, its consumption can lead to many health problems. And the fiber in it is also of poor quality.


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Japanese eat a lot of vegetables. Thus, the antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals in it are available to the body and the body remains healthy. They especially eat broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, kale, etc.


The Japanese eat a lot of seaweed. Seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. In fact, most Japanese dishes contain seaweed.

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Healthy noodles

Japanese noodles are low in fat and are available in different varieties. These noodles are made with beans and buckwheat, which is also the secret to the Japanese’s slim body.

Soybeans and green tea

The Japanese eat a lot of soy. In addition, 50 grams of soy per day is taken in many meals. Apart from that, drink a cup of green tea after meals. This keeps the heart healthy and makes you live longer and younger.

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