Do you know the 9 mistakes you make when dieting to lose weight

Do you know the 9 mistakes you make when dieting to lose weight

Losing weight is a bit of a challenge. And the challenge lies in cutting back in even healthier ways. Here are some mistakes people who want to lose weight in a healthy way should not make during their weight loss journey. Here are some of the problems that can arise from doing so.

Losing weight without diet and exercise is impossible. But for that one should not blindly follow everything or misunderstand it as healthy. By doing so there may be negative consequences. Let us know about the mistakes that should not be done here.

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Fat-free foods



We tend to avoid fatty foods altogether, thinking that they make us gain weight. If there is a food item with a zero fat label, we rush to buy it. But there are many types of fat. Our bodies need healthy fats. So you can take fatty foods like olive oil and fish foods with good fats.

Weight loss pills and powders


We have seen a lot of people who follow any method to lose weight. That is very, very wrong.

Do not use pills or powders for any reason to lose weight.


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The Master Cleansing Diet

Master Cleansing Diet

Recently, many people are paying attention to this diet method. A detox diet is different. The Master Cleansing Diet is different. Detox diet is a way to improve our digestive power and properly eliminate the daily wastes produced in the body. But Master Cleanse is to flush out all the waste from the body using only water sources.

Only solid foods should be taken in this method. Only salted water, lemon water, vegetable juice etc. should be taken. You can drink as much salt water as you want in a day. Similarly you can drink up to 12 glasses of lemon water.


This method may be followed for 10 to 40 consecutive days. That too should not be done without proper expert advice. But the problem with this is that the weight loss achieved by Master Cleanse without eating will start again very quickly.

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Taking weight loss treatment

Weight loss

This trend has increased a lot in recent times. They have opened many centers in many streets to reduce your weight by so many kilos in so many days. Some people help them lose weight in a healthy way by giving them a proper diet chart and exercise. Don’t join those centers blindly. It can cause many side effects.


Just counting calories

counting calories

Generally, what everyone is careful about while on a weight loss diet is the calorie intake. But we don’t think about how many of those calories contain the nutrients we need.

Calories can be found in all foods. But nutrients are not. Pizza also has certain calories. Contains whole grains. But there is a difference in the nutrients present in both. Pizza is loaded with unhealthy fats along with calories. So be careful about what nutrient-dense calories you take in.

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Eating too much

Eating too much

This is the mistake that many people make when dieting. Just because we eat healthy food, we always eat something and eat more.

Eating too much of healthy foods will not help you lose weight. The calorie count will keep adding up. This too will add weight and not lose it.

Lack of adequate sleep

Physical Fatigue


There are various reasons why our body gains weight and develops a belly. One of the most important of them is lack of adequate sleep. If you don’t sleep well for a few days in a row, your belly will drop.

Sleep at least 7 hours a day. Proper sleep helps to boost metabolism and balance hormones. So proper amount of sleep is very important.

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Painful exercises



Many people think that only by roasting the body will they lose weight. That is very wrong. No need to over-exercise or starve your body. It only gives negative results.

Be it diet or exercise plan properly. A clear plan of what diet schedule to follow and how much time to exercise per day will help you achieve your goal. There is no need to over fry the body.

Liquid diet

liquid diet

This is one of the mistakes that many people make when planning to lose weight. Avoid taking solid foods and take only liquid foods like fruit juice and smoothies. Or drinking protein powders in shakes.


Taking it like this will not reduce fat. A completely liquid diet such as fruit juice does not provide enough nutrients for weight loss. Fiber in general slows down digestion and helps keep you from feeling hungry for too long. Such fibers are completely removed in fruit juices.

Fibers can help with everything from controlling blood sugar levels to solving stomach problems. Juicing removes the fiber from the fruit.

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