How do you use the GOLO to lose weight

How do you use the GOLO to lose weight?

Is GOLO a diet? facts and myths about it. There are dozens of diets for weight loss. A lot of new diets come out every year. But all such diets come and go. But the GOLO diet has gained popularity among the masses. And GOLO was one of the most searched diets on the web in 2016. Now let’s take a look at that type of diet, what the research says about it, and whether you can follow it.


What is GOLO?

GOLO (which the company says was developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists) instead of cutting back on carbohydrate or fat-rich foods. focuses more on balancing hormones. According to the GOLO theory, imbalanced hormones cause stress and anxiety, leading to fatigue, hunger, and sleeplessness. All these are reasons for overeating.

The creators of GOLO believe that diet and exercise alone cannot keep a person at a low weight for very long. Therefore, Release, a patented capsule to supplement diet and exercise, has been developed as an important part of the GOLO regimen.


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Eating on the GOLO diet

The GOLO website claims that Release contains important plant extracts and minerals that have been clinically proven to help manage weight-related health and mood issues. Also, the company says that consuming Release regulates blood sugar and insulin levels, regulates the secretion of hormones, prevents hunger for a long time, and controls the urge to eat frequently.

This capsule should be taken for the specified period, as mentioned in this article. But if you only need to lose 10–20 pounds or more than four pounds per week, GOLO recommends taking fewer capsules. Similarly, once you reach your target weight, you are also advised to stop taking it.

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What does the research say?

Participants in studies conducted by the company reported losing an average of 37.4 pounds (16.1% of their body weight) and 6.4 inches in the abdominal area following the GOLO diet. They also say that their clothing sizes have decreased.

And they conducted a study in 2018 with some overweight people. A release capsule was given to some of them. Some were given a placebo. Usually, in a study, some people are given the drug to be tested, and some are given a placebo. Placebo has nothing to do with curing the disease. This means that consuming it neither causes nor cures the disease. Not only that, the researchers didn’t even know who was given the test drug and who was given the placebo.

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This is so that researchers can make unbiased decisions about the drug. In a study conducted by them, those who were given Release capsules lost a lot of body weight and a few inches in their waist area compared to those who took the placebo. It was GOLO that conducted the study and allocated the funds for it.


However, the reviews given by the experts in the field about the studies in this field will be recorded in the National Library of Medicine database. Accordingly, this study is not in that database, which makes it suspicious.

In addition, it is not known what products are included in the release or in what quantity. because they have bought a patent for it. But according to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, the ingredients are said to cause nausea and indigestion. This is seen as another drawback.

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Reviews of GOLO

The GOLO system has been around since 2008. They also offer thirty-day release capsules, a metabolic plan, a weight loss goal-setting guide, and a guide on not binge eating, along with other manuals and membership to the GOLO program.


Complete information about the GOLO system is not disclosed when it is marketed. But people say they lose weight when they follow this diet, regardless of whether they eat their favorite foods or how much they eat. They suggest that people eat a healthy diet rich in protein, good fats, and unprocessed carbohydrates and encourage exercise.

One reviewer noted, “This diet recommends cooking a week’s worth of food ahead of time, but this is practically impossible.” Some people say that it only mentions simple verse patterns. But they also said that it is a challenge as there is no dedicated app to check whether we are following the system correctly.

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Should you follow GOLO?

We do not know the necessary and important information about GOLO. A third-party or research-based review of GOLO by experts in the field is essential to know the real review of that regimen and capsule. Not only that, but you have to pay to know about the system completely. Also, what foods can be eaten and what can’t be eaten, and the number of nutrients in the foods mentioned in the article, is not clear. They are also not listed on the company’s website.


Due to the lack of independent information about the release, it is difficult to say whether it is effective and safe. But what we do know is that many people have successfully lost weight by eating a balanced diet of whole foods, being mindful of what they eat, being active, and being with others. The truth is that creating these healthy habits doesn’t require pills, manuals, or memberships.

Many people are commenting that their body weight has not reduced at all. But it is not known whether those who say so have followed the GOLO method correctly. Similarly, GOLO members have the facility to consult with online coaches. I don’t know if it was used properly.

So before you adopt the GOLO method, read the reviews about it. Ask your doctor, who is familiar with your health and the medications you are taking, whether you can follow this regimen and whether any of the ingredients in it may cause side effects. Also, choose research articles on other writing systems such as MIND and DASH.

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