The Rock

Want a body like ‘The Rock’? So let’s know his fitness secret!!!

Most people know him as the world-class wrestler “The Rock” rather than famous Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson. At that level of wrestling, he has built a fan base for himself around the world.

Wrestling is his hereditary sport, his grandfather Peter Maivia and father Rocky Johnson were also wrestlers. It is very difficult to load and unload a body like his.

A person who looks like a religious elephant for one film will look as thin as Vikram from “I” for another. Exercising is his favorite activity. Many bodybuilders have him as their role model.

Now let’s have a look at his incredible bodybuilding and dieting secrets…


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Dwayne Johnson has a habit of eating a kilo of fish daily. He also likes the type of fish called Cod. He has a habit of eating fish in the morning.

White rice

He usually eats white rice in the afternoon. Dwayne Johnson eats at least six cups of food.


He regularly eats four cups of steamed vegetables at midday and evening breaks. He says it is very beneficial for his health.


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Dwayne Johnson has a habit of eating a dozen eggs daily in his diet.


Dwayne Johnson takes two eggs and a quarter kilo of fish as his breakfast after his morning workout.


Dwayne Johnson eats at least ten egg omelets before going to bed.


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Dwayne Johnson has instructed his dietitian to include a quarter of a kilo of beef in his daily diet.


Dwayne Johnson has been following a potato diet for his muscle growth and performance.

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Energy Drinks

Dwayne Johnson also drinks energy drinks daily. (Now you know, if you eat, a man will surely turn into a stone!!)


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