Why Is Keto Not Working For Me Anymore

Why Is Keto Not Working For Me Anymore

Can’t lose weight even with a hard keto diet? This is the mistake you made…Many people go on a diet when they want to lose weight. Especially the keto diet is famous among everyone. However, if you are not losing weight despite this diet, there may be some reasons. Find out here what kind of reasons they are.

Diet is the most common way to lose weight. Even though there are many variations of the diet, the keto diet remains one that everyone can follow. From celebrities to Instagram, we see pictures of people who have lost weight through this. In fact, the keto diet has made incredible changes in many people’s bodies.

But such a diet does not result in weight loss for some people. They may also struggle to follow the keto diet. But nutrition experts say that some mistakes they make do not lose weight even with diet. Accordingly, the following are the reasons for not losing weight with keto, you may know.

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Eating a lot of calories

high calorie food

Generally, the keto diet cuts out carbohydrates and favors fatty foods. It is likely to increase calories. 1 gram of fat contains 9 grams of calories. But this is only 4 grams of calories found in 1 gram of carbs. So when you cut carbs and eat fat, you burn more calories and don’t lose weight. Although most of the foods included in the keto diet are healthy fats, they are also high in calories, which is something you should consider.

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Is ketosis right for you?

keto diet


Before using a keto diet, you need to properly test yourself. You should examine the size of your corpus macros. Check if your body is fully compatible with this diet plan. Nutritionists say that rice, potatoes, bread, starchy vegetables, juice, and most fruits or sweets are low-carb foods. Instead of getting carbs from unhealthy foods, get your carb nutrition from green vegetables and fruits. However, this selection may vary from person to person, say experts.

Even if you don’t lose weight with the keto diet, there are plenty of tests to determine your ketogenic status. You can test with your urine. But doctors warn that due to dehydration, the test may show wrong results. So a blood test is the best way to know the state of ketosis. You can try getting a ketone test online with the help of a doctor.

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Get out of the Stress

Reduces stress


If you want to lose weight, just watching your diet is not enough. The stress hormone cortisol also plays a very important role in weight gain. Your stress and anxiety problems increase the cortisol hormone. This may also make it difficult for you to lose weight. Doctors say that when cortisol is elevated, it prevents the body from burning fat. This will not reduce your body weight. So controlling your stress also helps in keeping your weight under control. Do things like exercise, read a good book, take a bath or watch a movie, get good sleep, and eat healthy foods. Get out of stress.

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Be ready to fight

It’s not normal for you to follow a keto diet. Some people do diet-blow sometimes. Many times they come out of it. Going off a diet like this can hinder your weight loss. It’s hard to go back. So if you blow a diet you have to fight it. Only then will you get weight loss. Nutritionists say it won’t work if quitting often means starting over. Sticking to a diet while following it requires time, planning, and persistence. Only then will you be successful.

Eating keto sweets

Don’t think that the keto diet recommends brownies and handfuls of nuts. It is best to take small amounts of anything. Like paleo, keto doesn’t say no to sweets. Certain mildly sweet ones are recommended. You can take it. But when you overeat unnecessarily, it becomes difficult to lose weight. So I recommend limiting keto desserts to at least once a week. Because the sweets taken at the party are high in calories and are likely to stimulate appetite.


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Habits of eating hotel meals


Hotel food is not always tasty and rich.

Some dairy products, such as flavored yogurt and 2% milk, contain carbs. One cup contains 13 grams of carbs. So you have to be careful about the carbs you eat.


Not just for weight loss, but eating in hotels, in general, is not so good for the body. There are some things like baking soda added to the food that can cause some stomach upset. Similarly, when we cook and eat at home, we cook and eat only what we need.

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No outside food

Similarly, avoid outside food. Eating hotel meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can interfere with your weight. Know how a dish is prepared and what ingredients it contains.

Consuming fake sugars

People on the keto diet consume many artificial sweeteners and beverages. Even foods advertised as low in sugar are unhealthy. So avoid them. This can lower blood glucose levels. So avoid artificial sweeteners and processed foods and eat nutritious unprocessed foods.


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Due to drinking too much alcohol

alcohol addict

Even drinking alcohol two to three times a week can negatively affect your weight loss. So avoid drinking too much alcohol. Some people even have food allergies or dietary intolerances that can make weight loss difficult. It causes inflammation and makes it difficult to lose weight.

Hypothyroidism occurs when our body does not produce enough thyroid hormone. Doctors say it can lead to fatigue, weight gain, and muscle pain if left untreated. So if the weight does not decrease, consult a doctor and get treatment.


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